Well then there are lazy days spent on the sofa watching TV. There are days spent taking naps. There are days spent playing video games. And then there are days where you just don't get out of bed.

Well this was mostly one of those days. I did get out of bed, but didn't stay in the land of the living for long.

It was just one of those days that more than others I couldn't be arsed to experience. So I slept it.

The high point, and I stress this because even on a great day this would be a high point, was the latest episode of Warehouse 13. Seriously people, if your not watching it... well shame on you. Get your ass in gear rent season one, watch it in a marathon - then catch up on this season by whatever means necessary and be ready for the soon to come season finally!

I do love it. And I know why. It's fun, quirky, geeky, witty, intelligent, and fantastical.

Right then I'm going to watch this weeks episode again and off to bed. SHOCK!