Being a self described writer, even when unpublished in any official form causes you to look at yourself and the world around you a bit differently.

I've gained a greater appreciation for those who are able to quickly, clearly, and expertly express themselves in not just the spoken word but the written format. Because after all how we write and read and how we speak are truly very different things. And those of the world that are able to make the words leap to life off of the page, screen, or device.. and to make them seem natural and easily spoken; why thats truly a great gift.

I know that if I personally am to ever have any modicum of accomplishment in this endeavor I am going to have to develop two things. The first being a PATIENT and brilliant editor, the second being finding the discipline to actually sit and write like I know I should.

I have started a novel over a year ago now, I got the first chapter done. And never touched it again. The creative spirit inside continues to scream out that I need to work more on it to pick it back up. But I also know that I've got to re-read it, lay down a guide of where I want this story to go, how I want to develop it and in what place do I want to end up. Talk about a lot of organization for something that in its very nature is so organic that it often defies definition while in progress...

I've been told that one of my gifts in writing is that I am fully open and honest, that I lay it out for bare without shying away from the pain or darkness. I can only hope that I am able to carry that openness, that ability to draw people into an honest thought and adventure even in scifi that they will be able to suspend disbelief and let themselves go the way I have enjoyed for more than half my life thanks to so many other wonderful writers out there.

I'm in no way an expert, no way a great talent, and in no way proficient... yet. Someday I just might be. And I rather hope I don't loose sight of that.

I've thought for a great deal of time that unlike so many people I know who have dreams and goals in life, I've never really had one. Not truly, at least not outside of getting married and having more money than the Pope. (but who doesn't have that dream?) I think now one of my life's greatest achievements will be my finishing this novel. I only hope that I can do so long before it's my last goal in life.

I feel a familiar spark, one I've not felt in a great long time. All thanks to another writer out there. One I've come across via Twitter. The very talented @guy_interruptd. Who was recently published and did a public reading from his writing. Not only is he gorgeous and possessing a wonderful voice, but he's a wonderful talent for expression and the narrative. I tell you I'm damned inspired.

So much so that I may end this post a day plan and go to one a week soon. To facilitate spending the time writing again in my own self built narrative.

When we seek to define ourselves, sometimes we lay the frame too narrowly and others too broadly. When we seek to be ourselves the frame is set just right. The trick is that sometimes we need inspiration, light, along the way to see that frame and path ahead of us and to infuse us with the energy to dive into making that frame a reality.

Thank you to the wonderfully talented @guy_interruptd for being that inspiration and light into my world this day.

Now go buy the book!!