I swear the difference between corporate logic and real world logic don't even branch off the same tree anymore.

I really rather wish that those who made the decisions put just a wee bit more thought into the actual impact v benefit in the real world, not random concepts that they THINK might improve something, or at least attack it with a bit more logic.

When given a choice to solve a problem and simplify a process in doing so, why choose to ignore the solution and complicate the process?

Whatever.. just keep paying me. But I'll tell ya - my attempts to keep up a fast pace are done. Apparently they are not a concern or need. And I'm not killing myself or my carpal tunnel over this lunacy.

In my life it seems that there is the Logical way to go about doing things, and the **INSERT COMPANY NAME HERE** way of doing things. And never the two shall meet, and if they do it's surely an error that will be overcorrected shortly. Please remain calm.