I really have no major plans for this weekend. My biggest goal is to clean out the fridge at some point. And to hopefully get Inara moved out of the bedroom for good. Which means her litterbox moves out of the bedroom also. She seems to be blending with the pride fairly well so far. Anakin is having his usual affect on the female feline... which is lots of hissing and tackles... Him tackling them not the other way.

I'm not really sure why he does it, being the only male he's certainly the alpha in the set up. But Inara does have 3 years on him and is about twice his size without being overweight. Perhaps it's just a power struggle thing.

I'm also going to change them from free feeding to a more controlled set up. Not sure it will work but I am going to give it a shot - in hopes of helping Jaina loose a bit of weight. This is me putting my pets on a diet... and I can't even get myself to stick to one.

Maybe I need someone to come in and be totally responsible for all my food and only feed me what is better for me? That would certainly change things up.


Time for more Doctor Who... I DO love this show!