To see how he will turn an expected 60 bill into more.

Thats right, its time for vehicle servicing...

Time for a busy day after all night at work. First to Honda where I had hoped to get the Oil changed, the coolant leak (COOLANT LEAK! I'VE GOT A COOLANT LEAK!! WARP CORE BREACH IMMINENT!), and to get the yearly state inspection done.

The good news was that it was just a loose hose which was quickly fixed, and the oil change completed. The bad news is I needed a full gallon of coolant which was 23 bucks! Oh and their printer for the inspection was busted sooo yeah that didn't happen...there.

After a quick stop to get the inspection done down the street, it was time to gather provisions to feed the monster this weekend.

The monster being my tummy... What? It's big, growls, demands that it be fed, and is often upset and causes me to have rather unpleasant moments. Sounds like a monster to me.

Anyhow... home at last I've just realized that I have forgotten I have to do laundry this week.. crap! .. budget crunch time. So much for having some leeway in the budget this time around.