I seem to be having more and more trouble getting, and staying motivated lately.

It's probably due to the seasonal changes - but it's just annoying. Because at the end of the time I am so disappointed that I didn't do or get to the things I really wanted to do and miss doing. But it's all my own fault, and frankly I'm fed up with me.

I have really got to get it together and stop with the procrastinating...OH and track down the mystery smell...

Anyone wanna stop by and pester me into doing what I need to do?

On another note - the mystery purchase from the bout of severe insomnia arrived. HOLY CRAP that camera is TINY. But seems to work really well. Not sure I will ditch my old camera totally but this will make a great day to day, always on me kind of camera. For now I am gonna just hook it on my belt and have it at all times.

Now lets see if I actually use it and post more pics?