It's the lovely time of year when some of my favorite shows are wrapping their story arc's for a winters break, and yet others are cranking up the newest and latest in their line of offerings.

And even more new shows are taking their shot at finding a place amongst my season passes on the DVR.

So far I have watched two new series, Detroit 1-8-7 and Boardwalk Empire. D187 is off to a mildly interesting start, and has already gotten put on my possible cut list. But BE has got something there. They hooked me with "My names Al Capone". It's a cool time frame to see depicted, with lots of interpretations possible. But so much of it is set by history. And yet it is interesting.

My only question is who was the guy that got killed by the record player, and why?

As for D187, it feels like about 4 other shows styles and premise were taken and shoved in a blender, poured out into a pan, set in the oven and let bake in the hopes of something delicious to rise.

Sadly so far its not only missing icing, but the cake seems to have only half risen. And not evenly either...

But the satisfying note has been that the shows I got to know prior to this season do not seem to have missed a beat in their return.

This should be interesting.