Put the headphones on.

Close your eyes.

Turn up the volume, there ya go, all the way up...

Let the beat sink in, let it grab your soul... and hang on tight while it gathers it's speed until-

-Until you've hurtled into space.

Slowly and faster let the daily worries, the stress, the responsibilities, the mundane details... fall away.

Focus on the beat, let the lyrics fill the void, and just ride the rhythm...

Enjoy the memories that flood back, revel in them, live them again. Let them refill your heart and soul with the passion and peace that they did on their first experience. Take them, hold them, appreciate them, let them move on till you need them again.

Re-Imagine the bright future you have with your pasts inspirations. Let go the hindrances, the roadblocks, the negative. Anything is possible, and it's already here and now. Hold that satisfaction and remember that this is but a shadow of what the reality will feel like.

Open your eyes, and keep right on soaring into your future. Full of positive energy and inspiration, all the negative gone away. Let the responsibilities lightly settle back to their place without overflowing, and just refuse delivery of the old stress that wants to return.