I keep thinking of things to do or watch etc for my fathers upcoming visit.

I really am very excited about it. I'm hoping that he can make it more regularly too.

The only thing I'm rather disappointed about is the time constraints because of my work and his work. But we'll make the best of it!

So far I've got a project laid out, plans for at least one activity of the lazy kind, and possibilities for others. And I get to share the home I've made for myself here with him. As much as I like visiting home - it really is nice to be able to share my life and world with my family too.

Soon after Dad's visit Mom will be up, and Universe willing, not long after that my bestest friend will get to come and stay a while too! I hope!!

I hesitate to say it, for fear of tempting the thing from high a-top the place, but here goes... Things are rather lining up fairly well at the moment. Bills are being paid and paid off on schedule. I have friends and family coming to visit. The animals are healthy and seem to be happy. I feel like things are going as smoothly as they ever do at work, which is a nice change - with what will hopefully soon be a nice improvement that my carpal tunnel will appreciate. And, knock on wood, so far no major seasonal shifted depressive phase yet.

Which actually has me a bit worried. It should have happened. The only thing I can come up with is that with my new schedule at work I am actually seeing more day light in a stretch than I used to? Whatever it is, I just hope the bottom doesn't fall out.

Now all I've got to do is get going on the Christmas shopping, and figure out at least 2 birthday gifts in quick order.

This is as close to happy as I have been in a long time. I suppose content is the word, and damn it I'll take content!

Peace and Love you freaks!