For you once again have helped me to hold my tongue and gave me the grace to say only what needed to be said with full internal editing so that I might continue to work in peace and maintain the same employment. Gonna need that again tomorrow night just  a bit. Oh and a bit of luck on a small favor too please.

Anyhow... Long OT day done. Another one ahead tomorrow - but it pays the bills and keeps me in gadgets.

I always feel so weird about shopping for birthdays. I never know what to get. And it just feels odd. Good odd but odd.

Like how I moved fluidly right into that topic there don't ya...

Rarely can I afford the things I want to get people, and thats when I know what I want to get them. Gift cards work well most of the time, but I feel like so often they become the instant go to thing. Not that that is a bad thing, cause they are great in my opinion, but it's just not the same as opening a box or package of some sort...

No that I think about it - I think I've been awake too long to make a coherent post.

But I am happy that I said what I felt like I needed to say, and kept my temper. :)