It is truly amazing how quick it is to write up a bit of something to share on here. And how simple it is to catch up days and finish off posts from other days and get them shipped out to the web. And yet - some can take painfully long. Not painful because of the time or the effort - though that is true sometimes - but painful because of the emotion and raw nature of them.

I've had comments remarking on my honesty, and willingness to share so freely on here and in other formats. For me those posts are as much for me as they are for whoever might need to hear those words - if only to know they are not alone.

To bind those things within, and never share a truly honest moment with anyone is what truly cuts us off from the rest of the world. Not the digital age and the lack of face to face. We are an evolving species, and in as such our communication needs have evolved and continue to do so.

Real time is crucial, but not nearly as required when we can maintain near constant microburst contact with our friends at all times. Gone are the need for frequent long phone calls for catching up or for sending a note of reminder and so on.

It is the age of instant info, even amongst our acquaintances. Most send a text when a quick question is all that is needed, instead of a phone call with the formalities and possible hurt feelings that might occur if you've not got the time to have a proper long conversation on the phone.

With the advent of tweeting, texting, blogging, and email; we are nearly always in constant contact with each other at each step. And our friends get to share in our lives in a whole new way.

It's wonderful.

And now that I've shared my quick bit... Off to bed... Long night coming to me.