Well we nearly got the car finished. And overall just enjoyed a nice day in. We were going to go check out the Nordic Lodge, but apparently they have started their fall hours and are only open on the weekends, which really rather sucked… but instead we just killed another order of wings from Wings Over Worcester.. That place is sooo addicting!

It was nice just hanging out and watching movies and TV and working on the model. No deadlines and stuff, just relaxing and hanging out.

I really love it when I get visitors up here. It’s nice to be able to share my home and all that I’ve worked to set up with someone other than my cats for a change. I just wish it wasn’t so infrequent between visits.

It’s nice to have a person to share things with. Something I’ve gotten too used to not having in person.

Tomorrow is the day that Dad fly’s out. I really don’t want this visit to end so fast. But it is also cool being able to wonder the apartment, erm… shall we say in a way that isn’t cool with house guests lol..