Well with a surprise gift from my father, read as a gift certificate, I have begun the long and arduous online search of clothing.

All said it took about 6 hours of digging, but with an approved line of credit, a gift certificate, and a special deferred billing option… The makings of the first major wardrobe overhaul in a long time. Though not much of an overhaul since I’ve no style my own. But instead simply refreshing the existing.

I really rather can’t wait to get the order placed once and for all… Stupid delays, waiting on a tiny bit of info to come in.

Nothing like new clothes to make one feel a bit better and more comfortable. I just wish that the sizes were smaller instead of larger… Rather feeling a failure in that bit. But going to enjoy the new clothes. And with that I found some pop culture’ish new clothes, a nice change from the generic stuff being fat normally resigns one too…