It’s not been a good customer service week for me. It seems all the various services and providers that serve my area have banded together to say fuck you in a loud and clear manner.

Someone remind me again why it is that UPS can’t provide ANY kind of a time frame for ETA of delivery, instead of the sometime between midnight and midnight? These guys drive a primarily static route involving a set group of addresses for potential delivery, the system knows the address based on the tracking and scans, so why is it when they are loaded on the truck in the mornings the system can’t ball park -  based on the load to deliver, and expected pickups – a 2 to 3 hour window for estimated delivery times?

It can’t be that hard, PeaPod does it. And they are delivering groceries, not just a single package and off you go…

Speaking of PeaPod though, if a customer orders 20 of one thing and 20 of another flavor of the same item, and you come up totally out of 20 of one of the flavors, wouldn’t you think to contact them in some way to ask if a replacement is desired instead of just sending the drivers out day of and blindsiding a customer with half their order missing for the month, where they will have to pay double the shipping rate for a new order delivery because it is less than 100.00, unlike the first order that was over this amount…

Just seems like one should include some sort of voucher for free shipping and rain check for sale price automatically for the next order and notify the customer. Don’t make them have to call and yell to get it.

At least the cable was an easy fix.