Well for now I am done with the latest rounds of truck upgrades and mods. I'm happy with the end result, while it wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind, I'm good with the end result.

The truck now has a nice growl, sounds meaner. While it's not quiet as deep as I had hoped for, I feel confident it's as close as one can get with a V6.

I am also happy that it's not overly loud, and doesn't sound like a supercharged weedeater...

Don't get me wrong it IS louder than before. But even it's loudest is no worse than many V8 dual exhaust trucks, and actually I'm likely still quieter than them, which is a good thing.

I really like how they look too... Now I just gotta get used to a truck that growls and isn't afraid to show it. :)

Below is just one of many pics, more on My Pics Page: