So I really didn’t discuss the most recent installment of the Harry Potter films after I saw it last week. There is only one word, in three parts, to describe it…


I am so flippin excited for the conclusion of the theatrical releases of this epic story. Not to mention it really makes me want to read the books… again…

The effects, the mood, the detail – all in flawless form in my opinion. I am truly glad that they have split the last book into two movies, though I can’t help but anticipate the return to Hogwarts for the grand finale set piece. I find myself missing Minerva in the movie versions.

She really should have been there in the battle scenes at the end of Half Blood Prince! Still not sure I have forgiven them for abandoning that bit..

Ok yes, yes I have.. Provided they don’t ignore her again with the series finale.

This has truly become one of those series that has made me embrace my inner dork and just thoroughly enjoy it. Who knew?! Dork is cool!!

I really can’t wait to go back and see it a second time. I am just hoping that it is kept in the Directors Hall at the local theater for another week so that I can enjoy the extra comfy seats they have in there J.