OK, who stole my weekend?!

It was all going so well, then *poof* it is over!!

Sigh.. the good news is that tonight the paycheck posts and I can get my Christmas shopping done, then it’s just the waiting game for all the parts and bits to arrive.

It also means it’s time to get the holiday cards out too! Eek!

Even more exciting is that I have finally settled on the next truck upgrade, being a new stereo receiver with a dvd screen and Bluetooth functionality. And a rearview camera installation to it as well. I can’t wait!

What’s more exciting than that you ask? Well I’ll tell you since you asked… (yes I heard you, stop denying it…)

MOM WILL SOON BE HERE!! I can’t wait!

We will be heading to the theater this year for A Christmas Carol.. which should be a lot of fun.. I am really going to miss not going to the Boston Pops this year…

I may still have to try and find a way to do that. I really love getting to go to that each year, and has been the only time I have gotten to go to the Boston Symphony/Pops during the year.. I really need to make more of an effort to go other times in the year too… sigh…

Right then, lots to do before bed early today.. Night!!