Well today was the day… went in and am having the new exhaust modified… Had to quiet the beast down.

I really liked the new sound it had, and at idle it was fine. Under load though… instead of getting deeper and more rich, it just got louder and tightened up.. sounding instead like something appropriate to a well tuned 6 cyl Accord or relative size vehicle…

Which is fine, except I’m in a truck!

And like I said before, it was louder, not insane or anything, but louder – and with the muffler now located firmly under the passenger compartment, that just compounds it inside the cab. After a few weeks of normal driving and enjoying the sound when ya “get on it”, the long term is that I was just not getting used to it.

So I’ve now opted for something more closely in line with the stock muffler, while still keeping the dual exhaust look.

Hopefully it will still have a richer sound than the original stock unit, given three things:

  1. That it is now split to two pipes to give more length to deepen the sound.
  2. That the muffler is now under the cab, instead of the rear passenger corner. So any stock sound should be more discernible inside the truck.
  3. It is aftermarket so it’s not going to sound exactly the same.

I am actually really anxious to see what the outcome is. I’m sitting here in the waiting area while the work is being taken care of now.

Time to go distract myself a bit till they finish.. then update on how I feel post buzz reduction :-P

Well the good news is that I now sound a bit more "normal for a truck" I miss the growl it had, but it is nice to not be so flippin loud. Much more pleasant to cruise in.. It is slightly richer sounding, though likely more to do with the muffler still being under the cab than the actual sound change.. And I'm good with that.

Wheeeee! Off to bed with me!