I find this whole madness of the WikiLeaks publication of diplomatic cables and information troubling..

Not so much that they did it, not even what was contained in them. But it is forcing me to reexamine where I stand on this particular type of issue.

On the one hand there is Freedom of Speech, but they are not a US company... at least not as I understand it. They are not based in the US , but had business and financial ties. Until the various companies severed those ties. So are they covered? Do we extend these same rights even if they are not of this country?

And what of the companies cutting them off, forcing the organization to relocate its servers and or financial connections. I just can't help but to wonder what inspired this, who asked them to, told them to, etc... Because seemingly as long as the companies were still making money, why else would they severe those ties.

Then there is the active war, with secrets being leaked by a foreign entity... It strikes me as espionage?

I do think though that if these countries want to go after Mr. Assange, they should just be honest about it and skip the pretense of "sexual assault" charges.... Unless of course they are legit... ??

I'm just really very undecided on the whole... Sigh...

So have they sank any ships?