TO: Senator Scott Brown, MA Republican

Senator, I feel that the actions you took Saturday 12/18/2010 in voting in favor of the repeal of DADT are both historic and fantastic.

As a PROUD LIBERAL, and having long since lost virtually all and any respect for the farce that is the Republican party in general. You sir just made a great step towards restoring your party’s dignity.

Were there more quality individuals such as yourself and Senators Olympia Snowe, Lisa Murkowski, Mark Kirk, Richard Burr, John Ensign, and George Voinovich; I feel certain that the Republicans could soon recover and once again become respectable.

Though this will require the end of the party’s obstructionist political maneuvering for matters of the wealthy, etc. For example Senators McCain and Boehner both will need to take a back seat to men of greater vision, such as yourself.

When I moved to MA from TN 5 years ago, one of the biggest thrills for me was getting to vote for the late Senator Ted Kennedy my first time voting in the state. As a man with a past, and not always a great or spotless one, he still managed to stand up and fight for what was important in this country. Not just a slow fight to try and drag us back into the failed policies and mind sets of the past.

When you won your bid for Senate, to be very honest, I was disappointed and saddened. Having moved from a red state and seeing this happen… I couldn’t help but be upset and wary. Given the social climate and closed minded bigotry at it’s finest as exemplified by the southern Republicans, my instincts said “brace yourself”.

My instincts were right, but not in the way I expected of them. As a young gay man who dreamed for more than half his life of getting married someday, something that until I moved to MA was such a delusional fantasy, this latest step in the repeal of not just DADT but of the treatment of a population as second class citizens is not just encouraging.

It’s like oxygen to a drowning man. Giving hope that there is a chance that this country will once again amend its ways and stop the attempts at legislative bigotry and hatred, to become the nation that the founders had in mind, a truly free and open nation. Proud of it’s diversity and differences, not using them to spread hate or to score political points or both.

This is a huge moment in US history. Bravo to you sir for seeing the wisdom and strengths of a Nation reaching out for true equality for all of it’s citizens and the benefits of such a society. I hope that as your term continues you will also continue with this same conviction to protect and promote the ideals of Freedom in this nation.

I dream of a day when I can get married in any state in the union. I dream of a day when I can no longer be required to argue as to why I deserve the same rights as heterosexual citizens, because I am a citizen.

With so many of your party so avid that there MUST be amendments to stop the “homosexual menace”, I would urge them to remember the Constitution they swore to protect. The same one in which I ALREADY have the right to marry in any state. But that it is simply not respected, and in many cases there are state level amendments, violating the federal constitution, where they state that they are openly legislating bigotry.

It is shameful of these states, and of their political leaders. It disrespects the people, the country, and the country’s history.

I dream of a day when the government no longer has any say in “Marriage”, as that IS  a religious institution, but instead chooses to simply offer civil unions among 2 consenting adults no matter their age, sex, religion, etc. And leaves the “Marriage” title and actions to the respective religious institutions entirely.

We need to abandon the business of Government sanctioned religious bonds. And simply focus on the legal and civil bonds of the governments purview. Allowing any and all to have the same rights, protections, and benefits equally, and allowing them to choose their personal ceremony within their own beliefs for the needs of personal definition of these bonds.

I hope that at any opportunity given to further the cause of equal rights for all, you will continue with your evidenced clear mindset and vote as you did today to progress, not hinder, this nation and its continuing pursuit of  “A More Perfect Union.”

Thank you for your vote to repeal DADT. Thank you for being my voice in the well of the Senate and calling for freedom to be seen and recognized for all. Thank you from the TN Liberal who moved to New England to find broad minded, forward thinking leaders such as yourself and the great social atmosphere of this region.

While I’m rather certain that I will more often than not disagree with your politics in general, and your stance on a great many issues, in this moment we are of one accord. And I am grateful.

With Respect and Thanks from a Democrat,