In just over two weeks I will have completed a major project, a goal, a test.

January of last year I decided that in order to get myself into the habit of writing each day for a novel I started, I would take a year and blog every day.

It has worked to some degree. For a great deal of the time I spent some time each day writing that days emotions and posting them right then. It is, and was, a very cathartic and centering practice. Something I may well continue as a method of crafting a weekly post by writing a bit each day, but adding to the total and not making more parts.

And then a new habit formed where I started getting a few posts going but not finishing or publishing until days later. Sometimes even a full week later. Now thats not really the spirit in which I started this challenge out at, but it has taught me that writing is a fluid thing, and especially with creative situations you can't force it or rush it.

There will be days that nothing comes to you. And that's ok, you still must write or work through or on it in some manner. And then build and add more when the talent returns.

For the new year, once this project is complete, I have two new goals. I want to write for the blog at least once a week, be even more honest and open, more creative and less long tweet post :) I also want to spend one day a week in which I dedicate a good amount of time to the long paused novel. I really want to get to a point where it becomes natural, and not something where I feel like it's a chore that must be completed.

I believe the best stories and writing come from a place of passion and joy, not of doldrums and task. It can be a fine motivator to have such deadlines etc, but it can also greatly cripple the creative flow.

I do hope that I can be published at some point, and find my book in a store. I don't know that it will happen soon, but I am going to try very hard. I feel like then I might just have accomplished something worthwhile in my life. Providing another volume to the worlds literary library, and perhaps providing an escape from the real world, even if just briefly, for someone who just needs a break.

Books have been a wonderful joy in my life, truly the simplest yet most complex of pleasures. I adore reading them, getting lost in the stories and people, and collecting them.

And so on today, my last day of work for 2010, I start my vacation and holidays off with a chance to rest and rejuvenate, to find my center and my talent, to share in love and merriment.

But most of all, to breath.

Dear Ma' Universe,

Thank you for your guidance this year and for allowing me the clarity of discovery in your wonders. I know I've only just skipped across the surface, even when I've almost drowned, and had you pull me back up.

I thank you for your energy, your love, your light...

I thank you for your compassion, even when I've lost my way and wandered out of the flow.

You always wind your way around so that I find you again, that river in the dark forest to carry me back into the light.

For this new year, I embrace your love and guidance more fully, and look to your spirits and energy to carry me forward. With trust that your kindness will carry me forward and keep me from drowning.


Happy Holidays Y'all!