OK I'm just going to put this out there. If you work in automotive electronic installs, do NOT give the customer a low ball estimate of the amount of time it will take to complete the job. Do not do it twice in the same install, and then come back with another longer extension of install time.

If it is going to take five and a half hours, just tell me that. So that I can know what to expect and be prepared for sitting around in the Best Buy TV dept waiting. Then if you finish early... well BONUS! I'm happy, you look better, and we all walk away happier.

Not to mention then you can give better attention to details such as trimming all the zip ties hanging below the vehicle, not cracking my dash requiring me to come back AGAIN to allow you to replace the broken piece and correct the now blown button light next to the cracked dash area.

I walked in and was told it would be a 2 hour job by the install crew. I figured 3 was more realistic. At 2 hours I called back to the shop and they said it would be another hour... thats what I figured.

After an hour I called back again, and was told it would be another hour and a half.

I called back again at the 5 hour mark and they were just finishing.

Now mind you, with exception to the few things mentioned above, they did do a good job. They even had to remove and reinstall a seat to get the job done. But don't string me along like that. It makes the waiting so much worse and more tiring.

Once I get the last few things done I will show off the new stereo unit with the rearview camera set up in place. I can't get over how fantastic it looks!