Where does the time go?!

I mean seriously... this whole year seems to have gone by even faster than the last one. And all of the sudden here I am about to mark my 5th year of living in MA.

I have a great many things that I need to focus on. It's time to refocus on the finances. Repay off a line of credit for the 3rd time in a 12 month period... grumble, and get another paid off for the first time in over 3 years!

So it looks like this will be another year of begging and digging for all the overtime I can scrounge up. Because in addition to paying these things off, it's time to get the truck's security updated as well I believe... I may just be being too paranoid for my own good, but hopefully after I get the current two goals met I can get that taken care of and really start hammering away at my primary credit card once and for all. This is getting absurd at this point.

It's also a year where I have no other choice but to refocus and get creative and determined to loose the weight again. My goal is to loose at least 100 pounds by the end of 2011. If I can loose more that is fantastic. But I absolutely MUST loose this goal.

If for no other reason than so I can rejoin the living once again. Being fat is bad enough, but being fat and having your mobility almost totally taken away from you is just devastating. I would say I hate living like this, but I'm not sure you can call it living.

I wish someone would open an all night Subway sammich shop here in town... They would so be my hero!!

Failing that, I have really got to figure something out. In the next couple of months I have GOT to get things back on track somehow. Weight Watchers appears to have launched a new plan which I am going to have to read up on and consider, along with a likely meeting with a dietician. And hopefully with my primary care doc's help I can check out one of the newest meds being put out there.

And on top of all of this I really need to find a way to swallow my pride and get back to therapy. If not for my multitude of other issues, at least for my addiction to food.