OK so it seems that with the exception of a few small breaks here and there I have managed to sleep through an entire monday from early in the morning right on until Tuesday!

My poor kitties were starving too!! Don't much blame them, so was I!

At least though I am back on my normal sleep patter now. Though I do have a heckofa back ache from being in bed FAR too long.

This might not be much of a way to wrap up a year's worth of blog posts. But with tomorrow's post I will have completed my goal of one post a day every day for a year. I am rather proud of that.

They all were not gems, and not all were positive uplifting little tidbits. Some were even out right vitriolic and managed to stir up emotions among some whom I didn't even know were reading it at the time. That's OK. They needed it. And all the better that it was seen in the long run I hope.

In the next year I am going to continue to be a more dedicated blogger, but I am going to curtail it to once a week. Something I can work on through out the week and post up in a more in depth fashion. Hopefully I can even set a normal publishing date.

I think by doing this that I will be able to hopefully come up with more substantive and byte worthy posts, instead of some of the place holders that existed in this past year, when I simply had really nothing much to say or left to say on a topic that I had already said 6 times in the previous month.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me in this.

I can say that there are some changes coming in this new year, I am letting the DeaconBluesDiet.com address go, I will instead just link from this page. I am also abandoning the DeaconBluesPics.com page as I need to cut back financially, and all of that is linked from here already, as well as from my Facebook Page. So there doesn't seem to be much sense in having such duplicated linkage out there costing me money like that.

Here's to a new year, with new discovery, new goals, and new achievements. Here's to another year's survival.