The below are musings of no particular order, of no particular grammar, and of no particular form. They are the mind scape and soul shaped ramblings of a dreamer and dweller of this landscape in which we exist. And the hopes that serious people will take serious action in the interest of the dreamers and the dwellers without regard to who paid them but with great regard to whom they pay their efforts on to in life.

The thoughts may not be perfect, they are the thoughts of a man who wishes he could be more, who wishes he could do more, and in the place of these dreams; who prays that those who do more and are more will do more and be more.

Snow, snow, snow, and oh did I mention SNOW!

That seems to be the focus of the news, the focus of the weather, the focus of the leaders, the focus of the people, the focus of a nation. In a time when great things are upon us, when moments in history are staring at us directly in the eye… we have focused on the weather.

These people are astonished, ASTONISHED I SAY, that it has snowed in winter across an entire nation that is in the hemispherical moment known as winter.

We as a people have become consumed with the being consumers of anything but what matters. I'm very guilty of this sin as well, so I do not take lightly this concern.

This nation has become stuck in a moment of great mediocrity. We have done and continue to do great things, but of no great strides. For every step forward we take four back, and call it Progress with a pat on the back in a movement that would make a contortionist cringe.

Proposition 8 defeated, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed, Healthcare legislation protecting the people and opening up more care to those in need. And now we take four steps back with an opposition leadership standing firmly in their wealth and delusions, claiming outrage over issues that they once championed, and faking indignant self righteous bellowing at the audacity of a nation built of freedom and acceptance to promote the principals of freedom and acceptance even in the cases of the majorities discomfort over an issue that does not impact them in a negative manner in the slightest. In fact while embracing love and tolerance a nation grows stronger, more competitive, more successful. But in its self arguments and dismantling of its citizens as less than a person from within, only divides us and brings us to our knees.

And we talk of the weather.

The world is burning, the sky is falling, the life boat is drifting away, and the intellect is being told to “sit down and shut up for I have faith that I am correct in my singular belief and total exclusion of exploration of ideals different from what I am told from a generation of a generation of a generation that has not explored the ideals of their belief beyond what they were told from a generation of a generation of a generation.”

Faith is the belief in that which is unknown. Intellect is the knowledge in that which is known. Wisdom is the ability to discern from the two which is the greater good and the greater evil in the scheme of the big picture for those whom will and will not be impacted. Wisdom is the ability to look and say that I know this, and I have faith in the facts and the knowledge and the science of what is in front of me will in turn spur into this event that which is of the unknown and it will be good because the facts and the knowledge and the science are good.

And so we talk of the weather.

With great minds and great time on our hands and in great moments in life we stand and we talk of weather. Not the needs of the least among us and how to help them. Not the needs of the middle among us and how to help them. Not the needs and status of the most among us and how best to help them. And to then help all those across the spectrum with even and proportionate measures of the responsibility of a society built of the people, for the people and by the people.  Instead we work to protect those most of among us from the middle and least among us from daring to have to part with their percentage in the hopes that the middle and least will simply go away and that without us the most will stand up and say that we were unneeded and simply the chaff being separated from the wheat. And they will stand tall until such time that the winds shall blow and the middle and the least are gone and they too, the most, shall fall.

And in that we discuss the wind, but not the dismissal of the import, the dismissal of the people who in greatest need were left to wither and die and blow away in the wind removing all measure of support and allowing the most to topple.

And we discuss the weather.

The wind is blowing, the towers are creaking, the most are shouting their need to maintain their size in the top, that the least is merely for support of them and not that the top must bring nutrients and health to the base and the middle and the least.

The least and the middle are of support and of structure and of grand design, the most are to support and nourish the least and the middle so that a healthy nation may spring forth in great dignity and destiny.

And we discuss the weather.

So how ‘bout all that snow, ya hear we’re getting more in a few days?


*Oh, and sorry for any run on sentences. Sometimes punctuation is just too much a chore for a mind lost in thought and ponder of where it is in this day. Ahh yes and there was no cheese either.