Somehow these weekly post’s have been getting away from me. I’m not entirely sure why, though I imagine it has much to do with the same reason that the same set of dishes have been in the sink and dishwasher for about 3 weeks now. Dirty and Clean respectively.

I know, I really must do something about that, and well a few other things. I do NOT enjoy being domestic in that manner. I truly need a rich husband, or a better paying job so that I can hire me a house cleaner. Sigh…

At any rate! This has been a decent financial week, which means it has been a good stress relieving week for me, as I got my Federal return back and have now promptly paid off not one but TWO credit cards, and also funded the purchase of the Verizon iPhone 4 which has finally become a reality. I should have that in my hot little hands by Monday!! Wheeeee!!!!!!

I’ve also managed to have a small amount left over so that once I find someone to buy my 2nd Gen 32gig iPod Touch I will be able to upgrade and get the new Kindle 3. Something else I am very happy about. I just gotta find that buyer first. Here’s hoping that I can do it without e-Bay, though that is starting to look as not the case.

But back to Verizon for a moment, I simply must state how disappointed I was this week in their customer service knowledge arena. It seems that in this launch of the iPhone they forgot a very key bit of minutia…. TO EDUCATE, INFORM, AND PROVIDE THE CALL CENTER REPS WITH ACCURATE AND FULL DETAILED INFORMATION ON IMPACT AND REQUIREMENTS!

Bloody hell!

I started calling the week before the pre-launch sales to find out if I could keep my existing rate plans and so on, I got told with every other rep (because I know life in a call center, and I don’t believe it till I hear it from more than 2 reps) a different story about the requirements. In some cases I was educating THEM on the price policies set out by the company and posted to the web site. Apparently Verizon didn’t see a need to send a memo to their employees when they made the data policy.

SO… It comes down to the day before pre-order, and now they are saying no no… I have to abandon my rate plan, and oh the feature I wanted to help cut costs on our bill to keep us in the same price range was no longer available after I was told it would be. AND that I could change my plan but that OH WAIT… I can’t because the other phone on our account is still Alltel branded equipment and that won’t work with Verizon plans, though Verizon phones work with Alltel plans… So this leads me into the mad dash to try to get my Mother to upgrade from her blackberry into a droid.

I love my mother dearly, and she is far more capable and “with it” on tech than she is willing to believe herself, that said… It’s like trying to pick the flower from the flower childs hair and telling her that the records won’t play anymore when it comes to moving into newer technology. To use her phrase, “…I’m [her] being dragged kicking and screaming into the next century!”

She’s not wrong on that. And at least most of the time, or as often as I can I facilitate this change by offering her the nice hand-me-downs of a technology gear hound. AKA ME! J

Thankfully all the Verizon reps were flat wrong about what they were sure of, and even their automated computer system knew better and fixed it after my preorder was in. This all means that now instead of 24 hours to convince my mother to upgrade I’ve got some time to work with. But we are still aiming for a Summer deadline. Or at least I am… J

Kicking And Screaming! And picking flowers from her hair!

Though I think I have sparked her interest in living a bit more in the “cloud” as it were with the use of Google’s Calendar and Contacts management for auto syncing and backing up rather than risk and wired syncing manually with a single machine. This in itself is a huge step. I have no doubts she will do wonderfully with it.

And so now I wait… I wait for the iPhone to arrive, and for a buyer to take the iPod off my hands.

BTW if anyone is interested, it is a 32 gig 2nd gen (no cameras) iPod Touch with iOS 4.2.1 installed. The battery is in fine condition, and the whole thing has been skinned front and back since day three for protection. It comes with a case, but no data cable or headphones. The data cable can be found on ebay for less than 5 bucks. I am asking 150.00 for it + Shipping depending on distance and cost for shipping. There is a very very mild scratch on the back above the apple logo, but I think thats in the skin not the ipod. The places you see on the front are in the skin not the ipod - they are from the case's stitching against the skin. If you need or want more info please feel free to leave a comment here or reach out in the usual ways.