Whenever that day comes, I want a full brass band out there to play me back home, and to celebrate my life with my friends and family after. I want to sit up on that cloud and see them smile, not cry. To see them smile at the memories and the life and love that we shared. 

I want that loud, brassy, bold, eccentric last dance and to go on in style and with flare. The ordinary is just that, ordinary. And while I've got my own issues, and no matter how my life goes, I do not want to go out "ordinary" I want it to be something that the sadness can be expressed but more than balanced with the joy of a life well lived with celebration.

Listen to the sounds, the emotions that fly free of those horns, listen to the sounds of a soul moving on in peace. Feel the emotions of this crowd, without context, without knowing, and you can still feel the intense emotions and the release afforded. What other style could possibly stand to give purchase to such a release. A send off like no other, shared among friends and family that are like no other, in a place that is like no other.

New Orleans became a part of me just a few years ago. I'm not a native, nor a resident, and I may not know all the history. But that city, that culture, it all became a deep part of my heart after just one visit. The next many just sealed the deal.

My hometown is in the hills of Tennessee, my life thus far and my heart have found their home in New England, but my Soul will always belong to New Orleans. And thats where it should be. That once and last journey into the night, for my soul to go dance, sing, and play amongst the spirits of so many other kindred souls.

The emotion, the feeling of being recharged with every visit, I simply can't put into words. It is an experience that you must have for yourself to truly comprehend. To find that place in the world where all the knobs are set just so, and the life force of energy just flies into your being, lifting you up beyond what you can imagine. A power and an energy that can sustain you for looong periods of time. It is a magical thing to finally find your place of recharge and reset in this world. I'm just glad I found mine.

I pray the day is far away, but I already know and am at peace with where my final home should be.

It might be an odd post, a morbid post, but its an honest one and from the heart. And should there ever be a doubt, look here and see the words that are laid down, and you will know; the doubt should not be. But instead help me move along to that place so near the sea yet so far removed.

Good friends, good music, good food, and a damn fine home for me.