Whenever that day may come that I make that final journey home, There are few things that I want, and few things that I need. I need to see my friends and family celebrate the life I lived, and the time they still have. I need to go out in style, loud...brassy...style!

I may not be a religious person, I may not be the traditional "God Fearing Man", but that doesn't mean that I can't make a closer walk with thee, and celebrate the saints of our lives marching in, or even that I can't fly away.

I've been to enough funerals that were "proper sedate and respectful", and they served well for their purpose. But the thing i remember most is the slow unending agonizing pain of them. like it was a chance to wallow in the pain. To wrap oneself in the mourning so much so that you can't see anything else.

Mourning has it's place, and the march to the final home is where it starts and stops, that cake walk back into daily life and into the world still alive around us should not be one of sorrow, but one of joy and gratitude, and it should be treated as such.

Don't you dare sit down in some gloomy church and sob in the quiet dulcet tones of a recording or some tiny piano up in the rafters.... GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THAT SEAT, UP IN THE AISLE AND OUT IN THE STREETS! Dance for me when I can't! or I swear by all the powers in the universe I'll haunt every last person who doesn't.

I want that last dance, that last celebration of my life, that last moment of joy with my loved ones. I don't want my last time with these people that have meant so much to me to be spent in tearful heart wrenching quiet sadness, I want to look down and smile to see all the funny dancing and smiles of fond memories shared.

If your left with any questions at all, look to the Treme' Brass Band, the Creole Jazz funeral, the New Orleans Jazz Funeral, and the Bahama Brass Band and you'll see what it means to go out in grand style with a thunderous glorious joyful sound; and not a small quiet mournful whimper.

Now this is a funeral, Sr Band...Look For Me [HQ].

This is what it should be. I get that for many it is a solemn time, but don't waste your time mourning what can't be changed. Spend that time celebrating the life I've lived, the life still left to live in front of you.

THIS is the funeral that I want. I want to go out with the horns shouting, making way as I make that journey home. Let the mournful horns play, but just for a moment...then light that fuse and let them soar to the atmosphere. Play that beautiful sound to celebrate the life I've lived, the love I've shared, and the life still yet to be lived by those I love.

Whenever that day may be, I want it known... this is how I want to be remembered, with a loud brassy joyous sound.

Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm weird for writing this... maybe it's odd to have thought of this part of my life so early in life.. But I know what I feel, and know what I want. Why deny it just because its taboo to be open about the moment of moving on? Strike up the band, lets Cake Walk today! No time like the present to stand up and practice those moves and get ready to celebrate life.

Besides, you don't want to pull a muscle or look unprepared do ya? Quality silly doesn't just happen!