I may be alone here, but I don't think that I am.  I think we all have those certain songs that when they come on our souls skip a beat... not just the heart, but the whole soul snaps to an electrified attention.

It's not always a happy connection, and not always sad. Some are of love, some of loss... some of both.

There are a few out there that hit various points for me. I've posted this before but I feel the need to share anytime it comes on, like I've got to let the build up of energy fire out at once lest I explode on the spot. 

I've been so long without love now, that special romantic soul combined love... I have the love of friends and family and it is dear and special beyond words, but that special LOVE.. that one... I've not felt. And at almost 30 now without having felt that.. no experience in it... no personal validation that it is real, and with all the evidence around me I can plainly see that love is not always joy.

Love can be a cruel and painful thing. Love can be a truly hearbreakingly sad experience Love can be a solace... it can bring a peace, and it can turn your whole world inside out. It is to be respected and revered, to be sought and to be feared. Never has such a connection spawned more good and more destruction in a world all in the name of it's self and the protection and preservation of it's state for those we become lost in.

Like nature herself, Love is a force that can irrevocably change lives in ways that are very often totally unexpected. Any force that can wield that much power over not just one or two but over millions of people should be approached with open arms and extreme caution.

In my mind you can not separate love and sadness... in some way love always leads to tears of sadness... at the loss of the love or the loved one, and the lengths we go to preserve it while losing something of ourselves, or in the pure joyous union of souls that separate either physically or emotionally at some point... sadness is hopelessly interlocked with love.

In some it is a power play, in others a sharing of strength.. in all we lose our ability to fight it, love that conquers all must surely conquer us in the end...

And in that I give you the song that truly reverberates from my soul. EVER. SINGLE. TIME. IT. PLAYS.

I can't help but to sing along, to cry as it plays, to be lost in the emotion and imagery, the sea of overwhelming emotion that is connected to Love... Life with or without it... love.. it stands there the ever immovable force in our lives. Be it religious love, carnal love, spiritual love, emotional love... love is there waiting for it's next victim...