I well and truly cried at this. It is an absolutely beautiful piece on it's own. But all the more because I can just see the scenes in my head. The scenes that make me cry every time. They are so beautifully written/acted/produced and presented... It's a rare thing to find such genuine emotion portrayed so skillfully.

The episodes that this was originally featured in are the ones that I came to the conclusion that this would FOREVER be a part of my life.

Just go watch the last two episodes of Season 2 and then you will want to see the first 2 episodes of Season 3. But the last two of season 2... omg... just... there are no words.

And to this video... the shear talent and collaboration across the internet.. it's staggering. THIS is what the internet is about. Sharing in and becoming apart of something bigger than ourselves. Something to learn from to expand with, to enrich ones life. To bring this world together in a way it never has before this age. With this example I simply sit in awe...


The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra are proud to present their third collaboration: "Rose's Theme / Doomsday" by Murray Gold.

The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra invites musical fans of Doctor Who to take part in an online collaborative celebration of Murray Gold's music. Participants submitted recordings for this work from November 2011 to January 2012.

This final mix includes a total of 177 submissions from 154 individual participants, ranging in age from 11 to 57, and who are located in at least 18 different countries across the world, including: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland.

PLEASE NOTE: Before anyone asks, no, I'm afraid I can't give you sheet music for your orchestras, bands or ensembles. This is for copyright reasons. I will ignore any such requests. Thank you for understanding!

Arranged and co-ordinated by Stephen Willis

Assistant Co-ordinator: Robin LaPasha

PICCOLO: Benton Gordon

FLUTES: Jessica Brinkley Erin Coldan Jennifer Crow Karleen Eng Kelley Erickson Jenna Giere Benton Gordon Nikki Imberger Resilda Lala Leanne Larson Katie Laski Miriam Longman Nicole Maneth Xavier Martín Geri Muller Rachel Reyes Emily Savela Jutta Wagner

OBOES: Lawrence Dinh Nicole Maneth Rebecca Rodgers Shaina Winrich

CLARINETS: Heather Ackroyd Cassie Cudworth Matt Hines Jesstin Jacobs Ambrose Kranitis Karly McAvenia Jonathan Naritoku Pau Pagès Mitchell Pawsey Ella Shurr Jessica Stahl Linus Wan Stephen Willis Delphina Yancho

BASS CLARINET: Christine Macfarlane

ALTO SAXOPHONES: Cassie Cudworth Stephanie Eng Lori-Ann Etchart Hedda Franqui Edward Luca Daniel O'Connor Jason Whitcomb Brandon Winrich


BASSOONS: Miriam Fuchs Matt Hines Caitlin Parker Brandon Winrich

FRENCH HORNS: Shaun Lim Jeremy Rodgers Shannon Smith Laura Testa Allured Oceana Trelawney Matt Walker

TRUMPETS: David Baldridge William Baldridge Richard Ferraro Glenn Thomas Hvidsten Jin Hyun Matt Johnson Stephanie Kimball Claire Leske Graeme Mealey Melissa Rowlands

TROMBONES: 'Axxerous' Dylan Cargill Natalie Cool Bryan Freedman Brandon Harrison Lane Heshelman Ginger Woo

TUBAS: Dylan Cargill Sara Hinds Tom Jozefowicz Sini Ylönen


TIMPANI: Brandon Lambert

DRUM KIT: Euan Leslie

GLOCKENSPIEL: Jacob Lambeck Nathan Olff

CONCERT HARP: Lela Sandstrom


VOCAL SOLOISTS: Heather Ackroyd Allie Savage Rachel Adcock Catherine Geiger

CHOIR: Heather Ackroyd Monika Berberich Shayna Boardman Xenia Bulizhnik Susan Chakmakian S. Clay Ulrike Czogalla Katie Daniels Greg Ebdon Glory Friend Victoria Gray Rachael Hapeman Susan Henry Paula Herrington Ishee Nicole-Anne Keyton Felix Lam Kostya LaPasha Robin LaPasha Gillion Machota Karly McAvenia Graeme Mealey Vanessa Aisha Mostafa Viktorija Murane Kristen Murphy Anna Neprostaya Kelsey O'Leary Simi Panesar Camila de Camargo Pereira Melody Raidy Allie Savage Małgorzata Słabosz Marcey Taylor Lucy Webb Stephen Willis Shiwei Yu

PIANO (SOLO): Natalie Odien


ELECTRIC GUITAR (RHYTHM): Denis Andreev Steve Foxon Bryan Freedman

ACOUSTIC GUITAR: Jentrie Matheson Steve Foxon Jonathan Odate

ELECTRIC BASS: Tom Boulton Matt Birdsall David Burson Gil Disatnik Janet Jiacinto Jonathan Odate Alice Pinson

VIOLINS: Ida Andersson Elliot Beagley Xenia Bulizhnik Sophie Crawford Allyn Custer Sharon Evans Anne Gauché Ze Goon Lisa Hannon Alison Liang Jonathan Liou Miriam Longman Jentrie Matheson Chiara Mezzavilla Natalie Odien Nikhil Ramaprasad Duncan Swan Clarisse Thomas Dayna Townsend 'Valzaye' 'ViolinistBAKA'

VIOLAS: Ida Andersson Courtney Couture Jenna Giere Ze Goon Laia Pagés Holly Walker

CELLOS: Emma Cadenza 'Cutekittenkyti' Sage Kaplan-Goland Jessica Liang Megan Miter Michele Simmons Bethany Smith Tina Zheng

DOUBLE BASSES: Camellia Aftahi Randall White

The next piece will be "Dalek Suite" (featuring music from Series One to Five). To take part, look out for instructions in the upcoming promo.

Thanks to all participants!

MP3 file download:  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8058374/DWFO%20%233%20-%20Rose%27s%20Theme%20-%20Doom...