I'm more and more coming to terms with my reality of not being a very religious person, that the separation from my past and upbringing has been a "challenging" experience.. I still have a great respect for those few TRUE Christians that seek to love and not hate, seek to make a positive experience in this world, not hate, those who seek to support and uplift their fellow man and woman... not to judge and destroy and obliterate those who are of a different set of ideas and beliefs.

It's put me in a weird kind of in between place. I'm not sure I can explain. There are many views that I have that could be interpreted to fall within the Christian faith if the titles/descriptive words are changed slightly. There are also many that I diverge greatly with, and to me that is ok too... Since in my eyes the Bible is a fascinating historical book reflective of its time and understandings, but that should be very cautiously viewed this way and not taken as a literal modern day handbook to be played out word by word.

All of this said. All of the conflict and emotion. Of growing up in the religious south, and being a gay man, and of finding myself standing outside that religious place... and yet... the emotions they do run deeply.

I do know that that historical text does have a gift of imagery unlike any other. And that a piece like this can be crafted and draw upon such a text, yet reach across all faiths, and speak to a live of desired love and compassion and also the loss and pain of living... Every time I hear this, no matter the artist... I find myself physically and emotionally nailed to the floor, unable to breath, unable to speak, only able to close my eyes and let the soul ride the chords, and experience the emotion. And I cry... every time.

Art that is divinely inspired, or divinity inspired by art... questions that are beyond my grasp. That there is a true and emotionally charged art that can reach into a person and stop them stock still with a single note... of that I have no question. It is proven to me ever more concretely, and randomly when I least expect it. Such things are rare, yet plentiful... to those willing to listen, and not let themselves be hindered by hate, and negativity. Regardless of faith or belief.



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