THIS... This is why legislated bigotry wrapped in moral indignation and supposed Religious superiority is so wrong. This is what PROTECTING MARRIAGE really looks like. This pain and sadness is the outcome of a hateful agenda terrified of freedom and equality.

This is what has to change... Until we are ALL free and equal... NONE of us are free and equal...

What are we waiting for? National Equality should have already happened, about 200 years ago... and yet we have "given" it out kicking and screaming a little bit at a time.

The battle cry always that it will destroy our nation and society, and every time... EVERY TIME... the battle cry has been wrong and shouted only by those who fear truth and reality, in preference for fantasy and ignorance.

How much longer? How much more pain? How much legislated hate do we have to endure before this nation takes it's next step in living up to the lofty ideals that it was founded upon?

The GOP and the Rightwing and Tea Partiers would have you believe they are PATRIOTS! Tell me then, when did patriots come to mean standing for big business, religious theocracy, hate, vilification of all that is not the same, to protect and defend only SOME rights and freedoms, to shame and legislate hate into a nations laws, to attack and bully for NO good reason?

I always thought a patriot was someone who stood up for EVERYONE else, regardless of who they were or what they believed. To protect and promote fairness and autonomy for ALL, to stand up and embrace diversity with open arms as their charge to protect regardless of religious background or belief. The true test of a patriot being someone so committed to the ideal of a free and equal nation that they set aside THEIR personal qualms in order to honor the entirety of a society and to promote fairness for all. Especially in the basic freedoms of a society and nation built on liberty, and Justice for ALL!