I've said it before but if you don't think I'm worth full & equal citizenship & can't vote for that w Obama, then PLEASE don't vote at all.

If you can't support the only candidate that has fought and openly accepted that I should be a full and equal citizen with all the freedoms and responsibilities afforded by the land of the free, that's fine. I can respect that. All I ask is that you please don't add voter support to the candidate that seeks to repeal and take away any and all progress and stop any future progress towards my full freedom. Irrespective of differences in economic policies or foreign agendas, civil rights are the basis of our nation. To deny any portion of the population the right to legal unions in the eyes of the government, is to diminish the freedom and name of our country. 

If your concerns stem from the word marriage, look at it this way, it has no impact on current one man/one woman marriages in any form. If it's truly just that word then let's look at it simply this way by use of the method laid out in our most basic laws. Separation of Church and State. Marriage can and should be defined by the beliefs and religious standings within those religions. The laws of the nation are to treat all equally, providing equal legal binding contract status to consenting adults separate of the definition of if it is a marriage, union, partnership, special bond, life commitment, or whatever phrase you so choose. The Gov't has no business being in the business of marriage. For anyone. Marriage is a term made common use but originating from religion. Our Gov't is to be separate and free from religious doctrines. 

There is one candidate who says I am of worth and value such that I deserve the same basic rights as everyone else, including "marriage" in the eyes of the law. Nowhere has it been said that an edict will be sent out forcing religions to violate their beliefs in preforming weddings or supporting such equality amongst the citizenry, simply that the right exists for those individuals who deign to join in a legal union in the eyes of the law and all the responsibilities and benefits that go along with it. 

Until all citizens are first class citizens, none of us are truly free. 

And if it comes down to the economy,  look at it this way... Just imagine how much of a boost travel and tourism would get, and how much new money would be put into the "wedding industry" thus creating new revenue and opportunities for more jobs. 

I have many many other reasons to not support or vote for Willard Romney, all of which should be obvious but seem not to be to nearly half the nation... But lets boil it down to one simple question...

Do I deserve basic equal rights in the eyes of the law, absent the laws of the church (any church), or am I truly a second class citizen not fully human, not fully deserving of freedom in all aspects?? 

If you can't support my freedom, please don't support their bigotry and hatred. If you can't support the candidate that has stepped up and worked hard to bring me closer and closer to full citizenship despite the best efforts of the GOP and the tax exempt religious zealots, then please don't vote for Obama OR Romney. Please don't lend support to their hate. 

I can respect agreeing with their position on this issue based on YOUR personal religious beliefs and not right wing talking points. I can not respect hammering the nail into the coffin built to hold my freedom not yet fully realized.

One final thought, take a look at the nations that have built their laws exclusively on religious doctrine, look at the state of things in those countries. What truly separates Christianity from and elevates it above any other religion if it is to be used as a basis for all legislation. Sharia law exists in the middle east as the legislative template for example. Or perhaps Iran and its form of religious fundamentalism exercised by dictator after dictator. Or North Korea?

Is that really the company we want to keep?


**It should be noted that I don't make the statement "don't vote" lightly. I have always said that we as a people should be involved and should vote. Period. However, in the case of supporting legislated bigotry and hate, or not... I've had to adjust my view a bit to say that if you don't support my rights that's ok, but please don't help take them away from me or prevent their completion in being recognized.