Ok. Two super storms, the lights didn't even flicker. Some flurries and the powers gone totally out. #UnhappyGeek Ok. 10 minutes n. Still no power. Brandishing sword against would be miscreants! Also, I'm bloody bored and sleepy. Too dark to do anything.

It's now been 13 minutes. Some of our group have begun to lose hope. Attempting to salvage morale with a "Abba's Biggest Hits" sing-a-long.

‎16 minutes now. The sun creeps slowly up as the mood grows ever more grim. #SingleStreetPowerApocalypse2013

Minute 23 and there's some strange beeping alarm. It's reason & source unknown. Two of our group r n the fetal passion licking themselves!

Minute 29. Social......power...strug...gle has brought. Violence. To. The. Grou... #PrimitiveInstincts

Minute 34. I am victorious and still leader of our intrepid group of survivors. Limited info from the grid of nationality. #ManyBothansDied

Minute 40. The sun has risen but hope and morale have faded. Verbal communication skills breaking down. Reverting to grunts and growls.

Minute 46. Startled awake from dream of our lost civilization. Getting harder and harder to remember life with electricity…

Minute 48. Ravens have begun to circle our encampment. Much discussion of what omen this might be.

Minute 50. THE CAVALRY HAS ARRIVED! Annnnnnd driven away. And returned! A dim flicker of hope springs to life.

Minute 52. Rescue begins! lockerz.com/s/283642266

Minute 56. We've begun observation of rescue operations from a secluded spot in the bathroom.

Minute 57. One of our group has become lost in his own dismay and loss of civility in this brutal experience. lockerz.com/s/283642726

Minute 58! The electrical gods have forgiven us and shown. Their love and mercy upon us! The group begins to rejoice!

That was quite the tumultuous hour... You really find how what you're made of in such crisis situations. Survival Is Mine!

 And now we must relearn how to live in civilization!