Ok, this has been a very emotional day for me. I started it out by weeping with joy, and a flood of other emotions when it was announced that I am no longer a second class citizen in my country. And started again when a law that tried to force second class citizenship upon an entire state fell to the bells of freedom. I've never really thought that I'd get married, though it's not an unpleasantflight of fancy to dream about, but today in having my government stand up and say that I am welcome and invited to be a full citizen amongst a society built on freedom... I wept... When I heard that dear woman, Edith Windsor, surmise that her late wife would have said "you did it, honey" I wept...

We've still a VERY long way to go, but we've taken a huge step forward today, not as an LGBT community, but as an American Comumunity. As a people who live our lives in a land that was built on freedom for all and that all things under the law be equal.

So I'm gonna stand up here and say, My name is Alexander, I'm gay, and I am a full and equal citizen of the greatest nation, The United States of America!!