As I sit and read and I watch how we as a nation seem to try to find ever new and cruel ways to categorize, stigmatize, and marginalize one another...

I'm given to a thought that I think my truly religious friends may be able to relate to. A sentiment that I surely can relate to even as an atheist.

It was spoken by my hero, my personal soul soundtrack performer, by my friend in fandom, by a man so touched and blessed with fame and talent but that always remained humble and kind, B.B. King.

"...don't you know, that when God looks down on the world and sees how we treat each other he gets a BAD case of the blues..."

Whether you believe in a god, or believe in the potential for kindness and generosity and goodness of man. Surely we can all see that we shouldn't treat each other meanly. But instead that we should be accepting and compassionate. That we should not put down and push away but reach out to lift up and pull close to us those who are in pain and who are struggling to find themselves and their place in this world.

The world can be a cold, cruel and lonely place. We can all do a little more to serve one another and bring some light and warmth into the lives of those around us, even if we don't understand or agree with them.

The year is 2016, and surely as a nation built upon freedom, liberty, and justice for all, it is time we left behind small minds and angry hearts and looked to the sun and left no one behind in shadow.

I have great faith that we as a people will continue to grow and learn and accept one another. I have great pain when I see us failing at it for so many extended moments in history. And I have great hope that we shall overcome these times of sorrow and pain to be a more united and caring people.

Peace and love to you my friends and family, I bid you to open your hearts and open your minds to those around you who are in need. Lift them up and bring them out of the shadows. Make them feel wanted and welcome, deserving and loved. Make them feel welcome just as they are, just as so many of you have done for me and continue to do in every way every day, I shall continue to try to live my life as the best man I can be and to help any I can along the way.

And finally to those are lost in the shadows of turmoil and sorrow, of self loathing and shame, of coldness and isolation.. Know that you are enough. You ARE enough. YOU ARE! ENOUGH. And this world is the better with you in it. You are not alone, and you are not small. You may be weary, and you may feel lost, but my friends... you are never alone and I...check that, WE will be and are here for each and every one of you even in what feels like the darkest of times personally, socially, emotionally, politically.

“Nobody important? Blimey, that’s amazing. You know, nine hundred years of time and space and I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important before.” The Eleventh Doctor.

To close this out I would ask...

Share this thought, reach out to those you may not know need reaching out to. Let them know they are not alone. If it weren't for the people that have done this for me over and over again, I'd not be here today. Your actions and your words carry great power. They can save lives without ever being spoken to or individually given to a person face to face. 

Be kind and be loving. Be fantastic!